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Confetti Park

Nov 16, 2016

Crystal Thomas is a Shreveport-based songwriter, singer and trombonist who regularly performs around Louisiana. A performer of the blues and gospel, you can find her (if not in churches) at various clubs like Southern Soul Lounge and at the venerated Monday Night Blues Jam at Lee's in Shreveport.

In this episode of Confetti Park, Crystal shares a delightful story about how her desire to perform overcame her lack of musical know-how when she was just a child.

"I was in the third grade and we had a Mother’s Day Program and they wanted everyone to participate. Being a music lover, I was like, 'Well I’ll play the piano!'

'I couldn't play the piano….didn’t know how to play the piano! But my love for music…prompted me to getup to the piano, sit down and play. And everyone loved it. I think they applauded more because I had the gumption, the nerve…..I basically made up a song on the spot, in front of the entire school.'"

Crystal goes on to explain that she believes her music memory can serve as an example for children to not be afraid to dream big.

“Never be afraid to push and follow your dreams," says Crystal. "Shoot for the stars, and wherever hard work takes you, apply yourself. You can achieve and accomplish anything.”