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Confetti Park

Feb 11, 2017

Confetti Park is a community radio program out of New Orleans. We feature local storytellers and songs that kids love, songs created for kids, or created by kids, right here in Louisiana. This medley of kids music shows the diversity of Louisiana musicians. Songs featured in this episode, in order:

  • I Was Born To Blow This Horn – Michael-Leon Wooley

  • Ballin’ the Jack – The Swing Setters

  • Throw Me Something Mista (Feat. Mista Cookie Jar) – Jazzy Ash

  • This Land is Your Land – Renzi Center Kids

  • Sue – Michael “Beausoliel” Doucet With Family & Friends

  • Animal Fair - Confetti Park Players
  • Hands and Feet (Are to Myself) – Patricia Reece


Also featured in this episode, The Jungle Grapevine narrated by Alex Beard, a music memory from Anthony Dopsie, a street vendor chant, and poems by Hrilina, Dameon, and Belen.

The Confetti Park hosted by Katy Hobgood Ray, features music and stories spun in Louisiana. It showcases songs that kids love, songs created for kids, and songs created by kids. Sparkling interviews, in-studio performances, delightful music medleys, jokes, local author storytime, and a little surprise lagniappe make for an entertaining show!

The radio program version launched on April 4, 2015 in New Orleans on WHIV FM and is supported by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, OffBeat magazine and Music Rising at Tulane University.

Community radio stations, interested in carrying Confetti Park? Contact Katy Ray.