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Confetti Park

May 12, 2018

Welcome to Confetti Park,  a magical show featuring stories and music for children of all ages.  I’ve been gathering songs from across my home state of Louisiana and from places around the Mississippi Delta. I just love the variety or music—blues, jazz, country, rock n roll, rap and church music and Cajun, and brass band… there’s a lot to learn and I am still listening and learning every day. I hope you like what I share with you.

This is a music medley of songs featured on the show this week.

  • Arkansas Tongue Twister - Sunpie Barnes
  • Joke of the Day: Grizzly Bear & Harp
  • Salmon Song - Jazzy Ash
  • Avocado Woo Woo - Tin Men
  • Daycare - Ph Fred
  • Days of the Week - Jason & Layla
  • Louis Ray - ABCs
  • Five Little Butterflies - Johnette Downing
  • Curious George Main Theme Song -  Dr. John
  • We’ve Got Each Other -  Imagination Movers

We begin with a game song from Arkansas, by Arkansas born New Orleans resident Bruce Sunpie Barnes. He is a real forest ranger, and a great musician. You will also hear the wonderful Tin Men of New Orleans, L.A. based Jazzy Ash (who has deep Louisiana roots), and Louisiana pied piper Johnette Downing. There is also a famous song by the famous Dr. John, all  about the most famous monkey in the world. And I know you will enjoy brother and sister duo Jason & Layla, who are wonderful artists on their own, and together. (Jason Rhein plays music in Rotary Downs and is one of the owners of Marigny Recording Studio. Layla is a professional belly dancer in NYC. They are originally from Baton Rouge.) And we have a terrific parody song by Ph Fred... "They tried to make me go to daycare, I said 'No, No, No!'" 

We end with a song by the Imagination Movers all about a hurricane evacuation. These are the times when you realize what are truly the most important things in life... HINT: it's not houses nor possessions. The guys know what's up in "We've Got Each Other." This song leads us into our storytime feature, Fairweather Friend, by New Orleans poet and storyteller Marcus Page. It is the story of young friends separated because of a hurricane evacuation.

You can listen to all the stories you hear on this radio show on our free Confetti Park podcast.The Confetti Park radio show and podcast is supported by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation and Music Rising at Tulane University.

Thanks for listening. Remember to look for the magic in every day!