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Confetti Park

Sep 17, 2018

Ahoy!!!! Welcome to Confetti Park, a magical place full of music and stories for children. Aye, You’ll hear lots of songs from the Mississippi delta and beyond as we hear an amazing variety of American music for scurvy buccaneers! This week we are celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day! It’s held on September 19... avast… that’s right around the corner!

Here are some songs of the piratical nature for ye to enjoy:

  • Sensible Life of a Pirate - Imagination Movers
  • Talk Like a Pirate - Jake & the NeverLand Pirates
  • Watch out for the Pirates - Confetti Park Players
  • Down by the Way - Andrew Best
  • A Sailor Went to Sea - Johnette Downing
  • Allons a Lafayette - Feufollet
  • The Big Blue Sea - Danny O'Flaherty and Khaetidawne Quirk
  • Sri Lanka Fisherman's Chant - Katherine Dines

First we have that grand kids band, the Imagination Movers of New Orleans, with "Sensible Life of a Pirate." And then a sensible lesson in Pirate talk for ya, as featured on that brigand show, Jake & the Never Land Pirates. How about those Confetti Park Players, the cutest pirates in all the land, with Watch out for the Pirates! (Enjoy this music video featuring the Confetti Park Players and the NOLA Pyrate Society, shot on location in Pirate's Alley in the French quarters of New Orleans.)

Sea Shanties

Argh, Mateys I hope you enjoy the song about sailors, too, by Louisiana pied piper Johnette Downing, and the camp favorite "Down by the Bay" by Memphis children's performer Andrew Best.

Then we go dancing, "Allons a Lafayette," by the Cajun band Feufollet, who started performing together as young buccaneers and are still traveling the high seas today. We also hear a song about that Big Blue Sea from Danny O'Flaherty, an Irishman who relocated to New Orleans (as many a good pirate will do), and then the beautiful "Sri Lanka Fisherman's Chant," performed by Katherine Dines, a fine fellow of the Children's Music Network.

This episode's Storytime feature is a delightful piratical tale from Bill Harley, the "Ballad of Dirty Joe."

I hope ye join me again — yer Mate Katy Hobgood Ray — for more wonderful children’s music from Confetti Park…. and remember to look for the magic in every day!

More about Confetti Park

The Confetti Park radio show streams online and airs in cities across the United States, made available to all community radio stations on the Pacifica Network. Check to see if your local community radio station carries it, and ask! Support for Confetti Park comes from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation and Music Rising at Tulane University.

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