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Confetti Park

Apr 6, 2016

Terry "Foots" Quinn is a singer-songwriter from Bogalusa, Louisiana. Foots plays guitar and harmonica, and considers his biggest influences to be the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Allman Brothers, and rural blues and country players such as Jimmie Davis and Jimmie Rodgers.  Foots is the nephew of an important pioneer of early jazz guitar named Snoozer Quinn.

Foots writes songs true to life growing up in the piney woods of Washington Parish. His descriptive lyrics capture the feelings, scenery and problems of small-town life, yet Foots always manages to bring a chuckle and point out the good things. He's also a railroad historian and afficionado, and has a large repertoire of train songs.

Here he shares a music memory with Confetti Park:

"My memory from way back is of a little drive-in chili bun stand called Floyd's—had curb service," says Foots. "They were playing 'Maybelline' over the loud speaker system, by Chuck Berry. It introduced me to some very fine rock n roll!"