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Confetti Park

Dec 9, 2015

New Orleans musician Roger Lewis shares a childhood music memory with Confetti Park about his first love, the saxophone.

Roger Lewis has had a wonderful career in music that keeps him traveling around the world to this day. The baritone saxophonist is a founding member of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, which began in 1977! He is also a member of the Treme Brass Band, the Delfeayo Marsalis Uptown Jazz Orchestra, Walter “Wolfman” Washington’s band, and several other bands around town.

Roger, who is still going strong at over 70 years of age, recalls how it all began:

When I was a little guy, maybe around 8 years old, I was fascinated with the shape of the saxophone. I used to take newspapers and form them in the shape of a cone, and shape them into the shape of a saxophone….and I would be in the backyard [pretending to play musical notes].…. pretty much that was my toy as a kid! I got my first saxophone when I was 10 years old.

He also talks a bit about his mechanical inclinations as a kid.

Thank you, Roger, for sharing this wonderful memory with Confetti Park.