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Confetti Park

Oct 10, 2015

New Orleans jazz vocalist Jayna Morgan shares a music memory from her childhood in this episode of Confetti Park.

Jayna, who sings with the Sazerac Sunrise Jazz Band and the Swing Setters (among others), recalls the happiness of sharing music with her mother. When Jayna was a child, they would go fishing together, and whenever they would sit on the wharf, her mother would sing to her.

Sharing songs as a family can build a lifetime love of music, as we have seen with Jayna. She is a very active entertainer on the South Louisiana scene. In addition to performing with several bands,  she is also a booking agent at 11th Commandment Records, owner of Fleur Decuers, and her in her spare time, a swing dancer and Lindy hopper.

Check out this interview with Jayna and the Swing Setters, a group that plays kids music jazz-style.