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Confetti Park

Apr 9, 2017

“Follow me to the garden! Let’s check out the magic of nature!”

Rosemary the Garden Fairy shares gardening tips and natural lore with children.

How does your garden grow?

All seeds need water to sprout. Sometimes rain waters the garden. You can also collect rain, in a rain barrel, to make sure you have it at exactly the right time you need it.

Irrigation systems are another way to get the water to the plants in a garden or farm.

After the seeds sprout, the vegetable plants or seedlings needs the right amount of sunlight. Most need six to eight hours a day.

Other important things that will help your garden grow… keep an eye out for pests, like caterpillars and other bugs who like to eat the plants.

Compost and fertilize when needed, and pick the vegetables when they are ripe and ready!