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Confetti Park

Aug 21, 2020

Hi everybody, it’s Rosemary the Garden Fairy, and I’m here to share fun gardening tips and interesting information about the natural world around us.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘the early bird catches the worm’ ? For people who like watch birds, the early birder catches the bird!

Between the time the first gray light of day appears and the sun peeps over the horizon, the mockingbirds make some of their most beautiful music. Those who have heard it say the birds are greeting the sun with an anthem of joy. Others say they are singing to mark their territorial boundaries: “Stay off my property!”

There is a great deal of activity as birds fly from their roosts to feed in the cool dawn.

One morning, you should try to wake up very early, with the sun. Go outside into the morning air with your family, and sit quietly.

How many birds do you see? What are their colors, and what are they doing? How many different bird songs and calls do you hear?

“Follow me to the garden! Let’s check out the magic of nature!”

Learn more about bird songs and calls at A Beginner’s Guide to Common Bird Sounds and What They Mean.

Listen to the sounds of the Northern Mockingbird at All About Birds.

Rosemary the Garden Fairy’s adventures and teachings are inspired by Gypsy Damaris Boston and her books such The Rainbow Fairies and Dear Louisiana, Love Gypsy.