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Confetti Park

Aug 24, 2017

Listen to the magical storytelling of Louisiana children’s author Dianne de Las Casas. Here is Dianne reading “Brer Rabbit and the Peanut Patch,” from her collection Jambalaya – Stories With Louisiana Flavor.

Brer Rabbit is a favorite recurring character in Louisiana folklore—as in all regions with strong African-American and Native American cultural influences. Brer Rabbit is a “trickster” figure, who can get out of tough situations and win the day though cunning and quick thinking.

Though Brer Rabbit is smaller and less physically capable than other animals (and really, just exactly what damage can a bunny rabbit do to anything besides a vegetable garden?), he uses clever tricks and fast talking to outsmart his rivals.

We celebrate the life of Dianne de Las Casas—masterful storyteller, prolific children’s author, champion of Louisiana children and Louisiana folklore, incredible mother, educator, entrepreneur, and creative soul.

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