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Confetti Park

Jul 15, 2017

From North Louisiana (Bossier Parish) comes a Bible-inspired book suitable for all ages because of its unique multilayered approach. For families of Christian faith who want an easy way to teach their children about Bible verses and God, that can be revisited again and again as the child grows, this book is ideal.

As you listen to Robin narrate her book, you will hear the very simple layer ideal for young children. As Robin moves through the alphabet, she describes characteristics of God of the Christian faithful.

From the website: "God from A to Z is Robin’s first published children’s book. Aimed at young children, the illustrated book describes the God of the Bible in detail, with each letter of the alphabet linked to one of God’s aspects. God’s nature is poetically captured in Robin’s writing while Peggy A. Borel’s beautiful illustrations visualize and cement the concepts for young minds on each page."

In addition, there are verses and discussion concepts included in the pages of the book, that are meant for prompting inquisitive discussions between family members as the children get older.

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Look for an interview with Robin about her inspirations and the writing process on an upcoming episode of Confetti Park.

Thank you, Robin, for sharing your book and your story of personal faith with Confetti Park!