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Confetti Park

Sep 1, 2018

In this episode of Confetti Park Storytime, we hear an original fable created by husband and wife team Iran and Henryelle Martin of Bossier City, La.

"There once lived a family of mice in the city of New Orleans, on Upperline Street, in a house abandoned of people. There were three of them...Mother Yum-Yum, Father Boom-Boom, and House-Mouse, their daughter."

Iran, as narrator, introduces us to this cute family of mice, and gives us the background on their story.
Yum Yum as a child grew up in Micedale, Louisiana, a hop, skip and jump up the road from Baton Rouge the state's capitol. When a traveling circus came through her small town, the country mouse fell in love with Boom-Boom, a star of the show.
Boom-Boom knew city life quite well, and was able to find his bride a wonderful house in the Garden District of New Orleans. Once they had their daughter he happily gave up the circus life, as getting shot out of a cannon is not a great way to ensure you'll be there for your family. He was also determined that House Mouse would know how to read and write, so that she would have many options growing up.
And so.... Iran sets the stage for how it is that House Mouse's knowledge of books helped save the family when human beings moved in to their wonderful house on Upperline Street.
Enjoy this cute modern fable by Iran and Henryelle Martin! And listen to more stories by the Martins.