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Confetti Park

Mar 4, 2016

In this episode of Confetti Park, we hear an old folk tale called, "The Girl Who Danced with the Devil." It is narrated for you by Catherine Golden, an early childhood teacher living in New Orleans.

This tale originates in French Acadia culture (you can find it in the delightful Danny Kaye's Around the World Story Book) and has been adapted for a Louisiana locality.

In the story, a young girl who loves to dance more than anything is heading off to the Mardi Gras Ball with her fiancé. She is warned by her mother not to dance past midnight, otherwise, something bad will happen. When midnight strikes, the breathless partiers are having so much fun in their whirlwind of dance that they don't mind the chimes of the clock.... the door opens and a mysterious, handsome stranger enters the room.

Enjoy this mysterious and frightening tale of"The Girl Who Danced with the Devil."