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Confetti Park

Apr 16, 2016

In this episode of Confetti Park, we hear an old folk tale told with Louisiana flair. This is the old-time tale of a little pine tree who cannot be satisfied with what she has. This pine tree wishes for new leaves, because she wants to be different from all the other pine trees.

Somehow she gets her wish one night,and wakes up covered in different kinds of leaves. Then the little pine tree finds that she has different kinds of problems.

If only this pine tree could realize how beautiful she is… We know that her green needles are so fragrant in the spring and summer. We appreciate the soft, quiet carpet created on the forest floor when she drops her needles. And we love the soothing song she sings when the wind blows through her needled treetop, high above us.

If only we all could see our beauty, as others see it in us, and be happy with who we are.

Thank you to Magpie Baccinelli for narrating this Louisiana folk tale for Confetti Park!