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Confetti Park

Apr 24, 2015

The little mouse Santi may be small, but he has a big dream. This beautifully illustrated story explores one of the most important aspects of a child’s life, the search for identity. Santi wants to be a cat, and even though all the other mice laugh at him, he follows his dream. This timeless story ends with a whimsical twist: Santi learns a valuable lesson about self-determination and also learns he is not the only dreamer!

New Orleans author David Eugene Ray narrates this adorable story, which received a Kirkus star. The gentle and lovely illustrations in The Little Mouse Santi, by Santiago Germano, are not to be missed! Order the book at

BONUS: This podcast concludes with a song called "Dream Big, Little Santi" composed by David Ray and Katy Hobgood Ray.