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Confetti Park

Nov 14, 2015

Confetti Park is a community radio program out of New Orleans. We feature local storytellers and songs that kids love, songs created for kids, or created by kids, right here in Louisiana. This medley of kids music shows the diversity of Louisiana musicians. Songs featured in this episode, in order:

We’re Going to Confetti Park – Confetti Park Players
Miss Mary Mack – Confetti Park Players
Shrimp & Gumbo – Dave Bartholomew
Humpty Dumpty – Louis Ray
Following My Mom Around – Imagination Movers
Oscar de la Oyster – Don Hoffman and the Louisiana Pollywogs
Hot Tamale Baby – Buckwheat Zydeco
King Cake Babies – Alan Dyson
Brahms’ Lullaby – Steve Riley, Yvette Landry & Richard Comeaux
Get Along Home – Kandice Chester
Narration – Papillon
Let’s Go! – Papillon
Iko Iko –  Confetti Park Players

For more information about these artists, and kids music in Louisiana, visit